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From: Angela

Kia ora Ministry of Justice,

Are all PUBLIC servants in New Zealand required to hold to an OATH of Office, that they are willing to faithfully serve the public?

Where is the OATH of office available for the public to sight please?

Are all PUBLIC servants, agents and principals of the CROWN required to post a Fidelity Bond or any other Public Bond whilst serving in their positions?

Who is the organisation responsible for the issuance of Public Bonds for New Zealand public Officials?

How are the public protected from misconduct, malfeasance and BREACH of Trust by those tasked with the Fiduciary responsible for our awa, ngahere, whenua and taonga tuku iho as per International agreements?

IWI, Corporations and Persons are not anywhere included in the Te Tiriti document of 1840, is it not a crime for public funds to be transferred to personal private interests such as Whanau Ora a limited Liability company?

If Public Servants are required to carry and OATH of office to serve in a public position, where can we acquire a certified copy of the Oaths of all the Ministers and Public Servants who are required to take one please?

Is it a crime to make a false statement and recording about an individual in New Zealand for personal private gain, whilst knowing it to be false, and while holding a public position?

The three elements of a contract are:
1. Offer
2. acceptance. Meeting of the minds
3. consideration.

Can the Ministry of Justice please supply the original contract that meet all three elements above that was signed by both parties in the formation of the bdm107a and the evidence of any agreement to being bound by such contract by way of actions implied or otherwise, where full disclosure of all terms and conditions were supplied? All evidence of actions that implied consent to be a debt bonded slave for the National debt, that one agreed to be filmed(street cameras), tracked and have my privacy violated via filters on the internet and cameras on every street corner?

What remedies are there available within the NZ Justice system for original right holders unsurrender when addressing crimes of Public Officials using documents and institutions to unjustly enrich themselves?

Yours faithfully,


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From: OIA@justice.govt.nz
Ministry of Justice

Thank you for contacting the Official Information Act request mailbox for
the Ministry of Justice. We will endeavour to acknowledge your
email within 2 working days

You can find more information about how we can help you at our [1]Official
Information Act Requests page.

Please note that by law, when you ask for official information we have to
respond to your request as soon as reasonably practicable and no later
than 20 working days after we receive it. 

Please send any non-OIA related emails through to
o[2][email address] and any complaints through to
[3][email address]

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From: OIA@justice.govt.nz
Ministry of Justice

Kia ora Angela,

Thank you for emailing the Ministry of Justice.

We have received your request and are processing it.

Ngā mihi,

Ministerial Relations and Services
Strategy, Governance and Finance
DDI: +64 4 918 8800

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From: Easton, Paul
Ministry of Justice

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Please find attached your OIA response.



Ngā mihi,

Paul Easton

Principal Media Advisor | Communications Services
Ministry of Justice | Tāhū o te Ture

027 276 9810

[1][email address] | [2]justice.govt.nz




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From: Angela

Kia ora and greetings Easton, Paul,

Your answer is very telling, no need for any legal advice from rigged New Zealand Courts, they are subservient to parliament which are a mere creature of statute and operate without a codified constitution.

If the public officers do not swear any allegiance to the public, and are back by no bonds, then they serve foreign private interests and not the people.


Evidenced in the way in which your agents and principals continue to FORGE documents, and make FALSE STATEMENTS about living people for personal private gain in attempts to enslave.

imagi-nation versus our origi-nation.

i and the Father are One.


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