Information relating to NZDF personnel involved with The Dominion Movement, Action Zealandia or Wargus Christi

Byron Clark made this Official Information request to New Zealand Defence Force

Currently waiting for a response from New Zealand Defence Force, they must respond promptly and normally no later than (details and exceptions).

From: Byron Clark

Dear New Zealand Defence Force,

I am requesting any information NZDF has regarding the involvement of active duty soldiers, army reservists, or any other NZDF personal who were members of or associated with one or more of the following groups: The Domion Movement, Action Zealandia, Wargus Christi.

Further to this I am requesting any internal communications, meeting minutes etc relating to the topic of NZDF personnel involved in any of the above groups or any named or unnamed far-right or white supremacist groups, and any documents relating to policy regarding NZDF personnel who are members of far-right groups or adhere to far-right or white supremacist ideology.

Yours faithfully,

Byron Clark

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