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From: Harold

Dear New Zealand Defence Force,

I would like to make a request for information relating to the Information Domain/ Information Warfare Domain development programme:

ONE: In a December 2020 article for Line of Defence Magazine, two MoD/NZDF staff involved in this programme stated that:

“…it is in the Defence Capability Plan 2019 that the concept of the information domain was mooted for the first time. Since then, Defence has launched the Information Domain Review (IDR) and the Information Domain Delivery Strategy (IDDS).”

This article can be accessed here:

I would like to request copies of the “Information Domain Review” and “Information Domain Delivery Strategy” referred to here.

TWO: Regarding the Chief of Information Warfare, I would like to request a copy of the job description for this role. If this vacancy was filled through a public or internal job posting, I would like to request a copy of this job posting.

THREE: The NZDF 2021 Annual Report notes that “A significant future milestone [for the IW Domain development programme] is the development of a business case for Information Warfare Domain Implementation” (p.85). I would like to request a copy of this business case.

FOUR: The annual report also refers to the “development of an Information Warfare Domain Delivery Strategy” (p.85). If this is different to the “Information Domain Delivery Strategy” I requested above, I would like to request a copy of this as well.

Yours faithfully,


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From: Ministerial Services
New Zealand Defence Force

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Good morning
Please find a response to your below request attached:
Corporate and Ministerial Services
OCDF, Office of Chief of Defence Force
New Zealand Defence Force

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