Risk assessment for restricting access to Council Chambers to vaccinated people

Max Shierlaw made this Official Information request to Hutt City Council

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From: Max Shierlaw

Dear Hutt City Council,

Please forward me the risk assessment recently undertaken in connection with the decision to restrict access to the Council Chamber to vaccinated people.

Yours faithfully,

Max Shierlaw

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From: Susan Sales
Hutt City Council

Thank you Max

Information can be found on our website here - hutt.city/covid-19. We continue to update this page from time to time.

As per our risk assessment the decision was made that from Monday 20 December the Admin Building will not require a Vaccine Pass for entrance into the reception area under the orange and green traffic light settings. This is because we can safely manage visitors as our staff are behind screens. We will continue to require scanning in, mask wearing, hand sanitisation and discourage cash handling.

The exception to the above for the Admin Building is that we require Vaccine passes for the following areas under all settings for external visitors including all contractors and events/meetings:

* Council Chambers
* Mayor's Office
* Staff only area/office area and if you're using any of the meeting rooms in the building

The reasons for this difference in approach is that we cannot put in place the necessary health and safety measures to protect staff once people enter these spaces.

Regards, Susan

Susan Sales
Senior Advisor, Official Information

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