Statistics comparing alcohol related domestic violence charges with Cannabis related domestic violence charges.

CTownsend made this Official Information request to Ministry of Justice

The request was refused by Ministry of Justice.

From: CTownsend

Dear Ministry of Justice,

Please provide statistics of Alcohol related domestic violence charges and convictions as compared with Cannabis related domestic violence charges and convictions.
Please include location and population of the jurisdiction of the court.

Yours faithfully,


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From: Paltridge, Antony
Ministry of Justice

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Please find attached a response to your request Official Information Act








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CTownsend left an annotation ()

Complaint made to ombudsman regarding response:

I have asked for statistics relating to substance abuse in domestic violence cases. I believe that this information is held by the ministry of justice.
The ministry of justice has refused my request based on what I believe to be an erroneous and incorrect interpretation of my question.

They have declined my request because domestic violence charges are not based on substance use at the time, this was not my question.

The courts hold the results of evidential breath tests, cannabis tests and police officers sworn testimony regarding the likely inebriation and/or influence of substances on each defendant. I have requested this information to determine the historical influence of each substance on domestic violence incidents within New Zealand.

I believe that this has been declined for political reasons because it is self evident that women are at a far greater risk of domestic violence when alcohol is involved as opposed to cannabis.

This information is important because it relates to the safety of New Zealand women and the prevention of domestic violence.

Please direct the Ministry of Justice to supply me with this information.

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Thomas Roberts left an annotation ()

The only way to get this information would be for the MOJ to manually go through the court record of every single domestic abuse charge to see if alcohol or cannabis was a factor.

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CTownsend left an annotation ()

Or a keyword search for "Alcohol" or "Cannabis" and "domestic violence".

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Thomas Roberts left an annotation ()

Keyword search in what? District Court records aren't electronic.

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