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From: James Lochead

Dear Ministry of Transport,

I'm somewhat confused why the driver of a modern small diesel family car is effectively punished as they pay the same road user charges as a person driving a inefficient 20 year old 3 ton SUV with 300,000 K's.

The 20 year old SUV will mostly not be emission equipped and burn far more fuel than the a modern car.

As a nation we import fuel at huge cost and were effectively subsiding people to drive inefficient diesel SUV's.
As proposed by the AA this is a archaic system and the user charges have almost doubled in 7 years $35-$60 per 1000K's, whilst Petrol has stayed around the same cost mostly effected only by cost increases in supply during this time.

Diesel is no longer a alternative fuel in europe they account for about 50% of cars sold.

Yours faithfully,

James Lochead

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From: James Ayling
Ministry of Transport

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Dear Mr Lochead,


Please find attached a response to your Official Information Request of 1
July 2014.


Kind regards,


James Ayling


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