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From: On Your Behalf

Dear Ministry of Education,

I am a Year 13 Cambridge student seeking a university education in 2022. I would like to seek clarification around support systems in place for Cambridge students. This is also in response to written parliamentary question 41343 (2021) and subsequently, questions 41344, 41345, 41346, 41347 and 41348 (2021).

1. CIE examinations in New Zealand began on October 1st, according to the official timetable. Auckland was in Level 3 at this date. NCEA students have received assistance regarding their final examinations as well as learning recognition credits. I understand that Cambridge is not a national curriculum and hence the Ministry of Education has no sway or control over final marks. Will the Government, specifically the Ministry of Education, advise New Zealand Universities to lower tariff points/rank scores for entry into all undergraduate programmes for students with Cambridge qualifications? If not, why not?

2. If the Ministry of Education chooses to not provide support for Cambridge students, specifically the support outlined above, do they believe this is equitable when compared to NCEA? If so, why so? If not, why not?

3. The Ministry of Education website states the following:
Every New Zealander:
- is strong in their national and cultural identity
- aspires for themselves and their children to achieve more
- has the choice and opportunity to be the best they can be
- is an active participant and citizen in creating a strong civil society
- is productive, valued and competitive in the world.
If no support is given to Cambridge students, does the ministry believe that that decision aligns with their values, specifically, "aspires for themselves and their children to achieve more", "has the choice and opportunity to achieve more" and "is productive valued and competitive in the world"?
If so, why so?
If not, why not?

Yours faithfully,

On Your Behalf

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From: Enquiries National

Tēnā koe mō tō īmēra mai ki te Tāhuhu o Thank you for your email to the
te Mātauranga.  Ministry of Education. 


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tae mai tō īmēra confirming your email has been
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Mea ake nei ka urupare tonu atu mātou ki We will respond to your email as soon
tō īmēra.  as possible. 



Ngā mihi, nā 

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From: Enquiries National

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Tēnā koe


The Minister of Education, Hon Chris Hipkins, has asked us to reply to
your email of 23 October regarding support for CIE students.


The Official Information Act (OIA) requires the Ministry of Education to
provide information it holds unless there is a good reason. However, there
is no obligation on an agency to form an opinion or create information to
answer a request. As you have asked the Ministry to form an opinion,
rather than provide information, the OIA does not apply to your request.


The Ministry of Education is responsible for NCEA and does not hold
responsibility for exams administered by international examining boards,
such as the Cambridge exams. As the responsibility and mandate to engage
with Universities New Zealand on behalf of the schools who deliver this
qualification sits with the owner of the qualification, it is up to the
Association of Cambridge Schools in New Zealand (Inc) (ACSNZ) to discuss
any changes to university entrance requirements.


Last year, because of COVID-19 disruptions, and in consultation with
Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE), Aotearoa New
Zealand’s universities lowered their minimum CAIE tariff requirement by 10
points. Universities New Zealand, Te Pōkai Tara, which represents the
views of New Zealand’s universities, is currently talking to CAIE about
the impact of COVID-19 disruptions on Cambridge examinations, and the
exam’s use for admission to an undergraduate degree this year.


We recommend for students to continue discussing this situation with their
school. You can read the latest information on the Cambridge International
website at [1] Alternatively, you can
contact CAIE Senior Country Manager, Kathy Lloyd-Parker, at
[2][email address].


Ngā mihi


Enquiries National Team | Ministry of Education ^MC
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[5]Te TD huhu o te MD tauranga


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