Request for an unredacted version of previously provided emails

Tony Randle made this Official Information request to Wellington City Council

The request was successful.

From: Tony Randle

Dear Wellington City Council,

The WCC recently provided a response to an OIA Request "WCC Final Spatial Plan - Information on Rapid Transit Services and Rapid Transit Stops" which the WCC identifies as IRC-1945 (

This response included a document "RE Question from Cr Calvert.pdf". Within this response, the WCC chose to redact information from Mr McSweeney that it deemed was not relevant to the original request.

Can I please have a complete copy of this document including the section that was redacted ?

Yours faithfully,

Tony Randle

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From: BUS: Assurance
Wellington City Council

Attachment RE Question from Cr Calvert unredacted.pdf
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Hello Mr Randle,

Thank you for this request.

While the Council's original response to this, when you specifically asked for information relating the Rapid Transit Services, and Rapid Transit Stops, was to redact the specified portion of an email trail as it was not relevant to the request, was correct, we appreciate your interest in the redacted information.

I have spoken with key persons regarding the redacted section, and while we maintain that it is not related to the original request, we are prepared to release the unredacted version of the email chain to you. Please find this as attached in pdf format (as we have previously had difficulties in providing them to you in their original format).

Please contact me if you have any further questions.

Kind regards

Chris Brown | He/Him
Official Information | Wellington City Council
P 04 803 8368 | E [email address] |

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