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From: Craig Robertson

Dear Electoral Commission,

I am seeking information regarding the decision-making process for the 2014 election electorate boundaries.

I am seeking to obtain copies of the objections submitted to the Electoral Commission/Representation Commission regarding electorate boundaries.

Specifically, I am seeking to obtain the letters/forms submitted to the Commission regarding the Helensville, Upper Harbour, Epsom, Mount Roskill, Auckland Central and Mount Albert electorates. Those objections are outlined in a document released by the Commission.


If it is possible to obtain these documents, that would be great.

I am particularly interested in obtaining the detailed objections labelled N13-001 and N13-002. But all objections, from N04, N08, N12, N13, N14, and N15 are being requested here.

It is possible, further, to obtain any documents relating to the Commission's decision-making process regarding these objections? Some objections were allowed and some disallowed. I would like to find out why. Thus, I am requesting documents/minutes/transcripts of meetings held by the Representation Commission regarding the electorate boundaries in Auckland (specifically relating to Epsom/Mount Roskill, Helensville, and Auckland Central/Mount Albert)

Yours faithfully,

Craig Robertson

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