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From: darren-edward

Dear Ministry of Health,

1) Confirmation of restrictions of anyone to donate blood once they have received any experimental vaccine for COVID19; and

2) Confirmation of people that have received any experimental vaccine for COVID19 that have donated blood; and

3) Confirmation of people that have received any blood donation from anyone that has had experimental vaccine for COVID19; their current condition if known, if not known why is this not being observed by the Ministry of Health as a potential medical situation; and

4) Require any and reports regarding the safety of anyone not yet vaccinated that receives a blood donation from anyone already vaccinated and the potential impact of anyone receiving blood from someone already vaccinated for COVID19; and

5) Require information regarding how long the vaccine lives in the body of anyone vaccinated and how long it may take before it would be safe for anyone unvaccinated to receive safely from someone that has been vaccinated for COVID19.

Yours faithfully,


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