NZ Police & 30 May Incident on Auckland Harbour Bridge

Matthew Hooton made this Official Information request to New Zealand Police

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From: Matthew Hooton

Dear NZ Police

I am a New Zealand citizen and reside in New Zealand. In the interests of transparency, please communicate with me about this OIA request and provide the information only via

Under the OIA, I request all information held by Police about the incident on Auckland Harbour Bridge on Sunday 30 May, prior to, during and after the incident. (This media report refers: )

In particular, I am interested in what advance warning Police had of the incident, and what actions were taken to encourage, deter, facilitate, prevent or manage the incident. However, my request is broad and is not limited to these matters. It does not include any information relating to the prosecution of any individual, including any information that may be needed as evidence in the prosecution of any individual.

I have made seperate requests for information to other agencies so this request does not cover information held by anyone other than NZ Police. Nor should this request be transferred to anyone else.

Yours sincerely

Matthew Hooton

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