Covid-19 Vaccinated blood donations

Paul Jones made this Official Information request to New Zealand Blood Service

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From: Paul Jones

Dear New Zealand Blood Service,

Would you please provide the details on blood donations for the following cases;

1) Do you accept blood donations from Covid-19 Vaccinated persons?

2) Is there a delay of "x" days from Covid-19 vaccination before you accept blood donations?

3) If someone has an adverse reaction to the Covid-19 vaccination, are blood donations accepted from them? Is there a different delay period for such cases?

Yours faithfully,

Paul Jones

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From: Siddins, Vanessa
New Zealand Blood Service

Kia ora Paul

In response to your Official Information Act request regarding Covid-19 vaccinated blood donations, please see the below link from our website which we believe answers your questions.

Let me know if you need any further information.

Nga mihi nui

Vanessa Siddins
Executive Assistant to CEO & Director of Finance
t: 09 523 7563 m: 021 181 9060

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