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From: Steph Y.

Dear Auckland Transport,

I am writing to request for street camera footage dated 01/05/2021 between 10am to 12pm on Mahia Rd coming from Great South Rd headed towards the roundabout (which intersects Coxhead Rd). I have been involved in a 3car collision. A white Toyota ute rear ended my Toyota Yaris vehicle and without much conversation as to what had happened took off right after his attempt to get some sort of payment with the owners of the car that had hit him from behind. The collision occurred roughly between Boon St and Tawa but on the lane which is facing towards the roundabout with Great South Rd behind us from the lights.

I am kindly requesting to see if the footage is available so it can be saved. If you need Police to retrieve the footage from AT then please let me know so I can inform them. We have already reported this incident and the Event # is P046353956.

Yours faithfully,
Steph Y.

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