Sovereign sharna made this Official Information request to The Treasury

The Treasury did not have the information requested.

From: Sovereign sharna

Dear The Treasury,
I sovereign :sharna-kim: of the house Butcher, born of gods grace on the land, as a living flesh and blood woman am the administrator for Sharna Kim BUTCHER.

I require a comprehensive report of major, minor Cusip Numbers, and how to
claim all undisclosed finances, pecuniary profits, prospectus payouts and
supplements generated by my Birth certificates, Printout, RG27 and RG9, my National Health Index Number, Driving
licence, Passport and other such Instruments in various servicing Pools as recorded at TREASURY DIRECT, FIDELITY, GMEI, FEDERAL RESERVE BANK AND THE AMERICAN BANKERS ASSOCIATION

The surname and entity you know as Sharna Kim BUTCHER in all UPPERCASE details are provided solely to confirm my eligibility under the Official Information Act s12(1).
. Do not use these details for any correspondence or clarification about the request. For the purposes of OIA s16(2) my preferred way of receiving information is by email reply to the address from which you received the request. If you send correspondence to my private address you will be asked to re-send it to the email address, where it may still be published

Sovereign:sharna-kim:of the house butcher,

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From: Bilgehan Berberoglu [TSY]
The Treasury

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Kia ora Sharna,


Please find attached a reply to your Official Information Act request
(20210075), which was received by the Treasury on 2 March 2021.


Ngâ mihi,





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