Breakdown of Passport Cancellations since 2005

Nigel Jones made this Official Information request to Department of Internal Affairs

The request was partially successful.

From: Nigel Jones

Dear Department of Internal Affairs,

In light of recent comments made to the media with vague numbers released regarding the cancellations of New Zealand passports since 2005 under sections 8 through 10 of the Passports Act 1992, plus any other relevant legislation under which the Department of Internal Affairs has had reason to cancel a New Zealand Passport.


1) Since 2005 how many New Zealand Passports were cancelled under the Passport Act of 1992 or other relevant legislation EXCEPT, cancellation of an old passport due to:
- expiration
- reported loss of passport
- renewal
- death of the passport holder

2) A breakdown of total cancellations covered by part 1, into reasons for cancellation and the relevant sections of legislation that they were cancelled under.

I can confirm that per the Official Information Act that I am a New Zealand Citizen.

Yours faithfully,

Nigel Jones

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From: Telephon Telephon
Department of Internal Affairs

Dear Nigel

Thank you for your email. We are working on your enquiry and you will hear from us again as soon as possible.

Kind Regards,

Customer Services Team
Service Delivery and Operations
Department of Internal Affairs - Te Tari Taiwhenua
Phone: (+64 4) 495 7200

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From: David Philp
Department of Internal Affairs

Attachment Response to Mr Nigel Jones.pdf
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Good Afternoon Nigel,


Please find attached the response to your Official Information Request.




David Philp | General Manager  | Identity & Passport Services
The Department of Internal Affairs Te Tari Taiwhenua
Direct Dial [1]+64 4 382 3512 | Mobile[2]+64 21 585 442 | Fax [3]+64 4 382
[4]120 Victoria Street | [5]PO Box 10526 | Wellington 6143 | New Zealand


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Nigel Jones left an annotation ()

It's a pity they were only able to provide Section 8A as I seem to recall there was at least one comment (on Radio NZ) by John Key regarding this topic that implied that he was speaking about all special circumstance cancellations (not just National Security).

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Alex Harris left an annotation ()

Check the other response

None have been cancelled under any of the other relevant clauses. of the "national security" cancellations, 4 were in 2013, 2 in 2012. One more was in 2010 and was covered by the media in 2011.

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