Mebership tot eh swimming pool advisory comittee

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From: Grace Haden

Dear Auckland Council,

I have heard that there is an advisory committee which makes recommendations as to the safety of swimming pools

by way of LGOIMA please advise

1.who is on the committee,, full names please they were appointed their appointment came about.. which rule policy etc allows for the setting up of this committee
4. the remuneration each is paid
5.any declarations of conflict of interest of the members
6.where can the minutes o these meetings be found
7. could you please supply links or copies to the minutes for the past 3 years.

Yours faithfully,

Grace Haden

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From: Skelton, Anita
Auckland Council

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Dear Ms Haden,

Please refer to the attachements.

Anita Skelton, Information Advisor
[Auckland Council]

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