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Gladys Webster made this Official Information request to Accident Compensation Corporation

The request was successful.

From: Gladys Webster

Dear Accident Compensation Corporation,
A distant family member had to make an ACC claim under an ACC covered and accepted Claim. The ACC process was traumatic to say the least. In the end the case owner (CM) follows the team leaders (TL) who follow the Branch Advisory Psychology (BAP's) recommendations who then advise the Technical Claims Manager (TCM) who run reviews at Fairway.
Reading your acc.co.nz website it would then seem that the CEO is next in line overseen by the ACC Board chair, Paula Rebstock.
If they wanted to lay a formal complaint about how their claim was managed, then ideally the responsibility lies with either the CEO or the Board Chair? Which one of these, the CEO or Board Chair, would be the appropriate place to begin??? (.....case owners being the last place to begin as they have no real decision making responsibility - it is a very hierarchal structure!!)

Yours faithfully,
Gladys Webster

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From: Stephanie Lewis
Accident Compensation Corporation

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Good afternoon Ms Webster,
Please find attached ACC's response to your request of 22 January 2014.
If you have any questions about ACC's response, please do not hesitate to
contact me.
Kind regards,

Stephanie Lewis, Advisor, ACC
Tel (04) 816 7400 / ACC / Government Services / Justice Centre /
    Level 7 / 19 Aitken Street
PO Box 242 / Wellington / New Zealand / [1]www.acc.co.nz
    ACC cares about the environment – please don’t print this email
unless it is really necessary. Thank you.


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