Senior Peer Reviewers

Anthony Jordan made this Official Information request to Accident Compensation Corporation

The request was partially successful.

From: Anthony Jordan

Dear Accident Compensation Corporation,

please provide the following:

1/ Names of Senior Peer Reviewers dating 1995 through to current including their respective qualifications/scopes of practice at that time

2/ In reference to the above please provide respective per annum payments made only while providing the services as a Senior Peer Reviewer. Should there be issues with separating payments due to Reviewer(s) having more than one role within the corporation, please provide totals per annum

3/ Are there currently or has there ever been for the period 1995 to 2014, any Senior Peer Reviewer contracted or undertaken a role in which two services or more have been provided to the Corporation. An example of this could be a 'Dual Role' assessor. If so, names and qualifications/scopes of practice

4/ Job description of what is known as a 'Senior Peer Reviewer'

5/ Any differing guidelines to that of a Regular Peer Reviewer

6/ In what circumstances would a Senior Peer Review be tasked with a review rather than Regular Peer reviewer appointed

Yours faithfully,

Anthony Jordan

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From: Stephanie Lewis
Accident Compensation Corporation

Attachment Acknowledgement and request to refine.pdf
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Good morning Mr Jordan,


Please find attached a letter acknowledging your requests of 30 and 31
July 2014. The letter also advises that ACC needs additional clarification
about the content of your request, before it is able to provide you with a
decision under the Official Information Act.


If you have any questions about ACC’s letter please do not hesitate to
email me.


Kind regards,

Stephanie Lewis, Advisor, ACC
  Tel (04) 816 7400 / ACC / Government Services / Justice Centre /
  Level 7 / 19 Aitken Street
PO Box 242 / Wellington / New Zealand / [1]
    ACC cares about the environment – please don’t print this email
unless it is really necessary. Thank you.


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From: Anthony Jordan

Dear Stephanie Lewis,

Thank you for clarification request. I am slightly puzzled with the comment of not employing/contracting peer reviewers and senior peer reviewers, as this is clearly evident on correspondence in Claimants files.

As a layman, understanding such formalities can be tiresome and confusing. However, in reply to the best of my ability.

My understanding is you wish me to name individuals who I believe may currently be/have been in a role as providing peer review involvement. Whether their involvement pertains to reports back to the ACC for considerations related to claims and/or individuals assessing those reports of peer reviewers in the capacity of a Senior Peer Reviewer.

I do not have any specific names, this request is to obtain the names for periods mentioned earlier as well as other related information contained in the individual requests.

Yours sincerely,

Anthony Jordan

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Patricia Harris left an annotation ()

Kia ora Mr Jordan,

I would be interested in the names of the peer reviewers as it seems like all WPI assessments now have to be peer reviewed, not just the tagged 'complex ones'?

Do you have any such list?


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