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Kim Masters made this Official Information request to New Zealand Defence Force

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From: Kim Masters

Dear New Zealand Defence Force,

First I would like to congratulate the NZ Army for removing the last of the service restrictions on women in 2007.

As I understand it, up until the time of the 2007 reforms the only areas of the army that women were still restricted from were:
-Commando regiment

(if there were others please include those in this request)

Could you please provide statistics for each (since the restrictions were lifted in 2007) showing:
-How many women applied to each
-How many were accepted to each

For comparison, please provide the same statistics for men.

Specific to women applying to the SAS, could you provide slightly more broken down information:
-Number to apply for selection
-Number accepted to selection
-Number to pass selection
-Number to pass cycle
-Number to complete probationary period and become fully badged

Yours faithfully,

Kim Masters

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