Invigilation of Tests and Exams for Semester 2, 2020

E Williams made this Official Information request to University of Auckland

Currently waiting for a response from University of Auckland, they must respond promptly and normally no later than (details and exceptions).

From: E Williams

Dear University of Auckland,

Considering the topical nature, and that this is a relevant issue with both the staff and student community of the University, I urge urgency in a response to this query - at the very least a partial response to issues relating to on campus activities resuming next week.

It is my understanding, based on Media & Social Media reports that tests will resume from Monday 21:

Under what conditions (invigilation, etc) are the following groups of students expected to sit tests under:
- Domestic, in Auckland students (with a subset for those offered special conditions)
- Domestic, outside Auckland students
- International, attending a Chinese Learning Centre students
- International, other students

Specifically will there be instances where one or more group of students are sitting tests with course and/or technological advantages, while others are under invigilated situations.

What equity assessments (or other such assessments/reports/communications relating to the equity impact) of the decision have been undertaken to counteract any advantages one group may have over another.

Is there a similar decision in place for the end of semester examinations - traditionally strictly invigilated.

What Health and Safety assessments have been conducted for the impact - and possible risk of exposure to Coronavirus - for staff and students that are required to be present in test situations.

Additionally, and where urgency is not expected, I request copies of any equity and health & safety assessments (or any document, communication, etc that can be reasonably construed as such).

Yours faithfully,

E Williams

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