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From: J Millins

Dear University of Auckland,

Information provided in response to my previous request showed that on 18 March, Marcus Roberts and Louise Allan "stated that the New Zealand Council of Legal Education
(CLE) has waived the invigilated requirement and is aware of the new
exam condition (online, non-invigilated and time-limited) this year."

Despite this, on 2 August the Faculty of Law issued correspondence to students stating that the decision was based, in part, on the applied-for courses being those "with professional accreditation or registration requirements specifying invigilated examinations."

Given the CLE waiver for the invigilated requirement noted on 18 March, this justification appears to be inaccurate.

Please provide any written correspondence/advice regarding changes to the CLE examination requirements subsequent to 18 March which necessitated the need for invigilated, in-person exams on this basis.

If necessary to limit the scope of my request, I limit it to the written correspondence received or sent by Marcus Roberts, Louise Allan, and Penelope Mathew, and the minutes of the Academic and Teaching & Learning Committee.

Yours faithfully,

J Millins

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