Use of Personal Facebook accounts for making Council Annoucements

Andrew Frazer made this Official Information request to Porirua City Council

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From: Andrew Frazer

Dear Porirua City Council,

On 25 November, the mayor said " David Christensen noted it is not normally how PCC post I will discuss with Wendy." This was made in the context of Kris Dando, posting PCC messages using his personal facebook accounts. For your reference the comments that where immediately prior to this where;

*Andrew Frazer* Kris Dando, could PCC start posting as PCC, and not have its staff post using their personal facebook accounts.
As a information consumer it becomes very difficult for people to tell if the post is bonafide. You can subscribe a page to other groups and post that way. You'd get much higher brand recognition and much less confusion."

* David Christensen* Agreed Andrew Frazer. Kris Dando please pass this on to whoever your boss is and I'll talk about it to Anita Baker when I see her. This is very poor PCC message protocol"

(1) Is the mayor aware that for several years, personal accounts have been used by PCC staff for distributing council messages to community pages?

(2) A formal complaint about this was made, but the response was that this was how PCC had decided to do things, because people preferred it. Why does the Mayor think that Kris Dandos message is 'not normal' ? When this is the normal behaviour for PCC.

(3) Andrew Strugnel claimed people had communicated to PCC that they perfered to communicate with him, rather than PCC. Please provide copies of these communications.

(4) Does PCC consider that using personal accounts for distributing council messaging to be acceptable? Does PCC agree that using personal accounts may lead to confusion of who is providing the message, and the validity of those messages? Does using a personal facebook account for the delivery of a council message breech the councils Acceptable Use Policys, or any other Staff policy?

(5) Does PCC consider there might be a better way to use Facebook

(6) Is PCC aware that a facebook page ( such as PCC's page ) can join other groups and share/post as that pages profile?

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From: Enquiries
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From: Records Management

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Dear Sir/Madam


Please find attached an acknowledgement letter for your request for


Ngā mihi,

Marcella Ropu
Records & Scanning Officer

Kaiārahi Pūkete me te Karapa

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From: Enquiries
Porirua City Council

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Hello Andrew,
Thank you for contacting us.


Your email request for official information has been referred to
our Records Management Team.


We expect that you will be contacted in due course.


Nga mihi,


Sandy Betham

Customer Services Officer (Contact Centre)

Kaiarahi Ratonga Kiritaki (Pokapa Whakapa)



Tel: 04 237 5089


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