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From: Jonathan Brewer

Dear Ministry for Primary Industries,

The FarmsOnLine "Purpose of Use & Privacy Statement", last updated 30 November 2010, outlines the purpose of use of information held in FarmsOnLine and MAF’s obligations and responsibilities regarding its collection, security and use of that data.

It states that a "FarmsOnLine Data Advisory Committee" will be established "that will have membership drawn from MAF senior management and will include industry representatives."

1.) When was the FarmsOnLine Data Advisory Committee established?
2.) Who are the members of the committee?
3.) Who are the industry representatives?
4.) How many requests for information have been considered by the committee?
5.) What is the median duration for consideration of requests.
6.) How many requests have been approved, and how many declined?
7.) Can you give an example of what kind of requests have been approved and declined?
8.) What is the standard method of supplying data, and why?

Yours faithfully,

Jonathan Brewer

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From: Ministry for Primary Industries Ministerials Group
Ministry for Primary Industries

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Dear Jonathan Brewer

On behalf of David Hayes, Director Preparedness and Partnerships,
please see that attached response.

Kind regards Ministerials

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