Kiwisaver or retirement savings

Lydia McCosker made this Official Information request to The Treasury

This request has been withdrawn by the person who made it. There may be an explanation in the correspondence below.

From: Lydia McCosker

Dear The Treasury,

I would like to request information on Kiwisaver or retirement savings.

Yours faithfully,
Lydia Mccosker

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From: Adam Antao [TSY]
The Treasury

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Dear Lydia,


Thank you for your request of 24 July 2019 asking for information on
Kiwisaver or retirement savings.


Your request, as it is currently framed, will be very difficult to respond
to as it covers a substantial amount of information, and would require
substantial collation.

Therefore, could you please clarify what information you are particularly
interested in receiving?


Unless your request is amended, we may have to consider charging for time
spent by staff searching for relevant material, extracting and collating,
copying, transcribing and supervising access where the total time involved
is in excess of one hour. 

Alternatively, we may have to refuse your request under section 18(f) of
the OIA, which applies where the information cannot be made available
without substantial collation or research.


Please let us know before 9 August 2019 whether you are prepared to amend
or clarify your request and, if so, how. Please note, if you do amend or
clarify your request, this will be considered to be a new request for the
purpose of calculating the maximum statutory timeframe for a response—see
section 15(1AA) of the OIA.


Kind regards,



Adam Antao | Ministerial Advisor | Te Tai Ôhanga – The Treasury

Email/IM: [1][email address]



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From: Lydia McCosker

Dear Adam Antao [TSY],

I have withdrawn my request and will submit a new one with a smaller scope detail in the future

Yours sincerely,

Lydia McCosker

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