OIA request regarding government advertising and public relations spend

Mrs.K Hamilton made this Official Information request to The Treasury

Currently waiting for a response from The Treasury, they must respond promptly and normally no later than (details and exceptions).

From: Mrs.K Hamilton

Dear The Treasury,

Can you please provide monthly figures in a spreadsheet for the past financial years on:

-Your total advertising spend, including online advertising and media relations spend.
-Please include the proportion of your online advertising spend that goes on: Facebook, You Tube, Instagram, specific “influencers”, SEO, online news sites, other sites.
- Please indicate the names of external consultants both nationally and internationally that were engaged including overall fees paid.
-Please indicate if this spend was general, or on specific campaigns.

Please also indicate in writing, and attach relevant documents, if your agency implemented a policy change on online spending from 31 December, when the World Health Organisation (WHO) is told about the initial COVID cases.

Please outline a seperate COVID specific budget that was spent from 31 December 19 till 11 March 20, when the WHO declared an official pandemic. Please also provide a secondary overall budget of spending from 31 December till today 12 May 20, including the above requests regarding platforms used, external consultants engaged and department involved.

For your most recent COVID campaign, where possible, please provide success measures or reports ie. click through or engagement data or briefings with this information contained.

Please include the below departments in your figures:

Ministry for Culture and Heritage
Ministry of Defence
Ministry for Pacific Peoples
Ministry for Primary Industries*
Ministry for the Environment
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade
Ministry of Health*
Ministry of Housing and Urban Development
Ministry for Transport
New Zealand Security Intelligence Service
New Zealand Transport Agency
Oranga Tamariki
Serious Fraud Office
Statistics New Zealand
Tourism New Zealand

Yours faithfully,

Mrs.K Hamilton

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