Health monitoring of 143 people poisoned by 1080.

H Enderby (Account suspended) made this Official Information request to Department of Conservation

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From: H Enderby (Account suspended)

Tena Koutou department of conservation,

As a matter in the interest of public safety regarding the 143 positive tests for 1080 in peoples urine, what further monitoring have you done to establish and document your legal responsibilities to these people under NZ health and safety legislation.
What dates did these tests come back from Manaaki Whenua.
Of the victims of this poisoning;
What percentage were male.
What compensation was offered or paid.
What were the routes of exposure.
Who is legally responsible for poisoning these 143 people.
Who manufactured the toxin and bait medium that lead to these poisonings
Who decided to ignore the MSDS for the toxin
Who allowed them to ignore it.
Where did these human poisoning incidents take place.
Why were so many people poisoned.
When did these human poisonings take place and how soon after were the urine samples taken.
And yes I need the poisoning date, sample date and test dates on the same page.
How do you plan to stop this from happening again.
What reproductive system monitoring has been done on these people considering the ERMA review of 1080 acknowledged that 1080 is a confirmed teratogen.
Who set the BEI so high considering USA consider fluorine based toxins may be causing harm at 1 PPT.
Does the precautionary principle not apply to you.
Hannah Enderby

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From: Government Services
Department of Conservation

Dear  Ms Enderby


On behalf of the Director-General of the Department of Conservation, I
confirm receipt of your request below.

Your request has been forwarded to the relevant business group for
processing.  You will receive a reply in accordance with the requirements
of the Official Information Act 1982.


Yours sincerely

Gabrielle Muir

Government Services

for Director-General


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From: replies
Department of Conservation

Attachment 19 E 0484 departmental OIA Enderby DOC 6038744.pdf
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Dear Ms Enderby,


Please find attached correspondence relating to your request of 18 July


Kind regards

Department of Conservation

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Mark Montgomery left an annotation ()

15 August 2019 the agency asked that the requester provide evidence of their eligibility to make requests. They also advise that the will be charging for the requested information.
No other notes on the file to show what the requester actions were.
I deem that this was a request by the agency for clarification.
I also note that the requester has been suspended from fyi

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