Number of Hired PGY1 House Officers (2014 - 2019)

Mohammed A M made this Official Information request to Lakes District Health Board

The request was successful.

From: Mohammed A M

Dear Lakes District Health Board,

Based on the Official Information Act, Could you please provide me with
the followings:

- the total number of PGY 1 house officers positions filled in by ACE
matching system (2014 - 2019)

- the total number of PGY1 house officers positions filled in by NZREX
graduates (2014-2019)

- the total number of PGY1 house officers filled in by candidates from a
comparable healthcare system e.g. UK, Ireland, USA, etc (2014-2019).

Yours faithfully,

Dr. Mohammed A M

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From: Theresa Fraser
Lakes District Health Board

Good Morning

Thank you for your email and OIA request.

Kind regards

Theresa Fraser , Executive Assistant to Chief Executive
Lakes District Health Board, Private Bag 3023, Rotorua Mail Centre, Rotorua 3046
Phone +64 7 349 7982 Cell 0274 309948
Email [email address]

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From: Mohammed A M

Dear Theresa Fraser,

Following on my previous OIA request regarding the number of hired PGY1 house officers (2014-2019), could you please provide me those numbers broken down by year?

Yours sincerely,
Dr. Mohammed A M

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From: Shan Tapsell
Lakes District Health Board

Attachment 2019 07 17 Dr Mohammed PGY1s OIA.pdf
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Please see attached, Lakes DHB’s response to your OIA request.




Shan Tapsell

Assistant Communications Officer

Lakes District Health Board

Rotorua Hospital

Pukeroa Hill

Private Bag 3923

Rotorua Mail Centre

Rotorua 3046

Phone (07) 349 7955 extn:8491


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