Documents required for RealMe account verification

Pablo Gomes Ludermir made this Official Information request to Department of Internal Affairs

The request was successful.

From: Pablo Gomes Ludermir

Dear Department of Internal Affairs,

During the process of verifying my RealMe account, I was informed by the New Zealand Post staff member that assisted me that DIA requires different sets of documents from people for the verification process.

I was further told that the set of required documents is indicated by the initial letter in their application number and that there are four (4) different letters that indicate the set of documents for the verification process.

Under the OIA, I would like to know the following:

1. What are the different sets of documents required for a RealMe account verification?

2. Why DIA asks for different sets of documents to verify a RealMe account?

3. What is the reason for choosing the set of documents (for each set)?

I would prefer to receive an electronic response. Queries about this request will be automatically forwarded to me by the website.

With regards to s12 of the OIA, I am an NZ permanent resident and in NZ.

Yours faithfully,

Pablo Gomes Ludermir

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From: Telephon Telephon
Department of Internal Affairs

Thank you for your correspondence.

We will endeavour to respond to you as soon as possible.

You can make formal complaints about unsolicited commercial electronic
messages you have received by email, TXT (mobile/smart phone) message, or
fax (facsimile).

Email spam:
To complain about email spam, please complete our online [1]Spam Complaint

TXT (mobile/smart phone) spam:
To complain about TXT spam, please forward the message to our free SPAM
(7726) short code.

Fax spam:

To complain about fax spam, please visit our [2]Complain About Fax Spam
web page.


To submit scams for publication on our website, please send the scam
message to [3][email address] along with any other information that
may be useful. A selection of present and past scam messages can be viewed
on our [4]Reported Scams web page.

Please note: We may not take action on every individual complaint. Where
numerous complaints are received about a particular spam message, we will
investigate the campaign as a whole.

Kind regards,

Electronic Messaging Compliance Unit

Department of Internal Affairs



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From: Telephon Telephon
Department of Internal Affairs

Dear Pablo

Thank you for your email. We are working on your enquiry and you will hear from us again as soon as possible.

Kind Regards,

Customer Services Team
Service Delivery and Operations
Department of Internal Affairs - Te Tari Taiwhenua
Phone: (+64 4) 495 7200

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Department of Internal Affairs

Attachment Pablo Gomes Ludermir reply.pdf
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Dear Mr Ludermir

Thank you for your Official Information Act request for Documents required
for RealMe account verification which we received on 16 August 2013.
Please find attached the response to your questions. If you would like any
further information about RealMe and how it works, you can find this on


Susan Allen


Susan Allen | Senior Business Advisor | igovt identity verification
Department of Internal Affairs Te Tari Taiwhenua 

120 Victoria St,  PO Box 10526,  Wellington
Direct Dial: 04 382 3553 | [mobile number] | [2]





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