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From: Andy Langford

Dear Dunedin City Council,

Re: DCC boundary

My preference is to receive the requested information through fyi.org.nz.

Amendments to the Dog Control Bylaw maps show the Dunedin City Council boundary extending down to MLWS. The maps clearly convey the Dunedin City Council Dog Control Bylaw applies and is enforced by the Dunedin City Council to that point.

The Otago Regional Council has confirmed they are not aware of any changes that change control of this area and they remain the controlling authority..

As the Dunedin City Council and Otago Regional Council have different rules concerning dogs it is critical to know which authority controls which areas so dog owners can comply with the correct rules.

Accordingly could you please:
(a) Explain what changes occurred, and when they occurred, to remove authority over the area between MHWS and MLWS from the ORC and vest it in the DCC.
(b) As that would be a formal process please also provide copies of all relevant documentation (or links if the information is already publicly available on the internet).

Yours faithfully,

Andy Langford

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