Information regarding South and North Dunedin Post Offices (now closed)

Rich Seager (Account suspended) made this Official Information request to New Zealand Post Limited

The request was refused by New Zealand Post Limited.

From: Rich Seager (Account suspended)

Dear New Zealand Post Limited,

please provide information regarding total gross turnover, cost of sales, expenses and net profit/loss as regards the South Dunedin Post Office at 180 King Edward St in South Dunedin for the years ended March 31 2018 and March 31 2014. I would prefer this information in Profit and Loss form with any additional information that you are able to provide.

Please provide the same information for the Post Office that was present at 366 Great King St in Dunedin North.

As both Post Offices are now run as agencies under significantly different retail conditions than they were previously I do not see this request triggering the following;

"to protect trade secrets, or the commercial position of the supplier of or the subject of the information"

and therefore look forward to receiving this information.

Yours faithfully,
Rich Seager

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From: Oia Officer
New Zealand Post Limited

Dear Rich

I acknowledge receipt of your official information request dated 25 April 2019. We will endeavour to respond to your request as soon as possible and in any event no later than 23 May, being 20 working days after the day your request was received. If we are unable to respond to your request by then, we will notify you of an extension of that timeframe.

OIA Officer

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From: Oia Officer
New Zealand Post Limited

Dear Mr Seager
Further to your requests for information dated 25 April 2019 relating to
the Kiwibank and Post Office at:

* 180 King Edward St in South Dunedin
* 366 Great King St in Dunedin North

Please note that for these two addresses that Kiwibank and New Zealand
Post operated as shared branches for the periods in your request. Also,
please note that our accounting year runs to 30 June, rather than to 31
March as per your request. That aside, we have declined your request for
information under the Official Information Act 1982 (the Act) on the
grounds set out below.
The request for the following information is declined under section 18(g)
of the Act as it is not held by New Zealand Post and, in some cases, would
need to be created:

* Total gross turnover for Kiwibank (because we do not have details for
certain Kiwibank products, such as card sales and home loan sales does
not exist at a branch level)
* cost of sales information does not exist at a branch level
* total expenses at branch level (because certain expense details do not
exist at a branch level, e.g. infrastructure and back office allocated
* net profit/loss at a branch level

To the extent that we hold some of the information requested, the requests
are declined on the basis of sections 9(2)(b)(ii) and 9(2)(i) of the Act. 
Such information would include revenue for some products (excluding those
noted above), payroll and property cost information. However, releasing
this information would likely disadvantage or prejudice the commercial
positions of New Zealand Post and Kiwibank in regards to their competitors
and agency partners, which would be unreasonable.
The fact these branches have closed does not prevent this information
being commercially sensitive.
We have considered whether other public interest considerations would
favour the disclosure of the information, but have concluded that such
considerations do not outweigh the specified interests. 
You have the right to seek an investigation and review by the Ombudsman of
this decision. Information about how to make a complaint is available at
[1] or freephone 0800 802 602.
I would appreciate it if you could acknowledge receipt of this email.
OIA Officer

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From: Rich Seager (Account suspended)

Dear Oia Officer,

thank you for your response (albeit not its substance).

I have responded on the same OIA request made to the Kiwibanks at the same time at the same addresses as your response is the same on both.

Yours sincerely,

Rich Seager

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This request was refused here;

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