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New Zealand Police includes OFCANZ, the Organised and Financial Crimes Agency.

Information about yourself

Requests for information about yourself are Privacy Act requests and must not be made here. Instead, use the Request for Personal Information online form on the Police website. If you ignore these instructions, your request here may be hidden.

Proof of eligibility

New Zealand Police often ask for proof of address before replying to Official Information Act requests. This is only one way of satisfying the eligibility requirements of s12(1) of the Official Information Act.

  • DO NOT include your address in the request (it will automatically be published). If you already have, contact us and we will hide it for you.
  • DO state that you reside in New Zealand. It is our hope that in time making this statement will be considered sufficient.

You may have to contact the Police by email or phone to confirm your address in the mean time.

Contacted directly by Police?

If you are contacted directly (such as by email or phone), please:

  • Ask how they found your contact information. We do not share your contact details with anyone.
  • Insist that the OIA response be sent to you through, to the email address on the original email.
  • Let us know you were contacted and how they found your details - either as a comment or privately to the team. We would like to monitor this behaviour.

Response received directly

If you have received your response outside the FYI system (such as by direct email), please:

  • Reply to them asking that they re-send the response to the email address on the original email. We can provide this if they have lost it.
  • Let us know in a comment that you received your response bypassing

662 requests

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CD or audio record of 111 telephone call
Response by New Zealand Police to Gerard Ryan on .
Long overdue.
Mr Ryan Following on from our telephone conversation on Wednesday, 16 December I confirm that the copy of the call you requested is not available to...
Organisation / Structure charts
Response by New Zealand Police to Grant Carroll on .
Partially successful.
Dear Mr Carroll   I apologise for the delay in replying to your request. The information has been provided by our HR team. It is extensive involvi...
Ethnic data of killings by police
Response by New Zealand Police to Emmy Rākete on .
Partially successful.
Dear Emmy,   thank you for your email, this has been forwarded on for response.   Regards,   Public Affairs. -----Emmy Rākete <[FOI #3174 email...
Police Business
Response by New Zealand Police to JennyM on .
Partially successful.
Dear JennyM   Thank you for your further email. Unfortunately, Police cannot investigate or comment on the situation you have described without fu...
Good Afternoon   Please find attached the letter regarding your request dated 18 November 2015.   Kind regards Kirsten   ====================...
Dear L Wells,   Thank you for your email. Sorry for not advising that a meshblock not showing on the table indicates that no offences were recorded...
Total Costs Paid by Police
Response by New Zealand Police to Bruce Van Essen on .
Good morning Mr van Essen   Please find attached Police response to your OIA request.   Regards   [1]New Zealand Ian Bradshaw Police Logo...
Cold Case
Response by New Zealand Police to Mark on .
Withdrawn by the requester.
  Dear Mark Thank you for your request of 13 May 2015 for a copy of the Kirsty Bentley investigation file preferably in electronic format.   I...
Uniform Manufacturers
Response by New Zealand Police to Thomas Holmes on .
Mr Holmes,   Regarding your recent additional information request regarding Police uniform, I can advise that the Police duty jacket is supplied b...
summing up transcript of judge G A ANDREE WILTENS
Response by New Zealand Police to Gerard Ryan on .
Information not held.
Dear Mr Ryan   You had requested from Police a transcript of a summing by Judge Wiltens. This information is not held by Police and is therefore...
    From: THOMSON, Raewyn Sent: Thursday, 22 October 2015 13:20 To: '[email address]' Subject: FW: Your Official information Act request of 30 S...
Field Training Officer Programme
Response by New Zealand Police to H Korach on .
Good evening Mr Korach,   Please find attached the second email with final item for disclosure.   Please don’t hesitate to get in contact if th...
Was the man shot dead by NZ Police in Myers Park armed with a gun
Request to New Zealand Police by Jake Fury. Annotated by Tony Rule on .
Long overdue.
Coroner says noooo *cough*
Dear Jonathan,   Thank you for your email. It appears confusing as to what you are really requesting. If you make this OIA request, requiring u...
Body Camera's
Request to New Zealand Police by Liam Stoneley. Annotated by Matt Taylor on .
Partially successful.
Hi Liam, Can you please query the redactions in the Consultation for PEM Papers document? It's unclear what section the redactions are made under and...
These documents were belatedly sent by the authority direct to the requester who forwarded them on to [1] References Visible links 1. h...
Stock on Roads
Response by New Zealand Police to Mark Te Anga on .
  Dear Mark   Your Official Information request for the following information: In the Waikato District for the years of 2011-14 and 2015 to dat...
Use of Tasers By Police
Response by New Zealand Police to Emmy Rākete on .
Long overdue.
Dear Ms Rakete I have been asked to send you the attached response to your questions.   Yours sincerely     Teresa McMahon Police Nationa...
Police Policy on Assisting with Legal Document Service
Response by New Zealand Police to H Rogers on .
  =============================================================== WARNING The information contained in this email message is intended for the ad...
Audit of police weaponry
Response by New Zealand Police to Alex Harris on .
Dear Mr Harris Please find attached a response to your request of 4 August 2015.   Teresa McMahon Ministerial Services Police National Headqu...
  =============================================================== WARNING The information contained in this email message is intended for the ad...
Dear Che Lawrence van der Merwe     I refer to your email received on 12 August 2015 which you requested  information held about yourself.  ...
Fingerprint manuals
Request to New Zealand Police by Anatoly Kern. Annotated by Anatoly Kern on .
Partially successful.
You are welcome to enquire with the office, but I doubt they will provide a reply earlier then in a another couple of years. You know, real purpose o...
Privacy Act Legal Opinion
Response by New Zealand Police to Liam Stoneley on .
Dear Mr Stoneley This request is with the Tasman File Management Centre. I have asked them to reply directly to you to update you on your request....
Dear Liam The information was published on the Police website on 22 July 2015. The attached link should take you to the release:

Only requests made using FYI are shown. ?


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