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Important notes before making a request to Police

  • You do not have to fill out another form. If Police respond with a link to another form to fill in, do not fill in that form. Politely remind them that by law they must accept requests in any form. If necessary, point them to the Ombudsman guidance which specifically confirms that requests sent through must be accepted.
  • Do not ask for information about yourself. These are against our policies. Instead, use the Request for Personal Information online form on the Police website. If you ignore this instruction, your request here may be hidden.
  • Police often ask for proof of eligibility to make an OIA request.
    • Please state that you reside in New Zealand, if that is true. It is our hope that in time making this statement will be considered sufficient.
    • Please do not send your contact information using as it will automatically be published. If you already have, contact us and we will hide it for you. You may have to contact the Police by email or phone to confirm your eligibility.

Contacted directly by Police about your request?

Note that we do not share your contact details with Police. If you are contacted outside, please:

  • Discuss your request with them if you feel comfortable doing so. If not, you may ask for correspondence to be through
  • Note in an annotation that you were contacted. Summarise the discussion if possible.
  • Regardless, insist that the formal OIA response be sent to you through, to the email address from which the original request was sent (see below).

Response received directly?

If you have received your response outside the system (such as by direct email or post), the response will not be published - which may be intentional. You may:

  • Reply to them asking that they re-send the response to the email address of the original request. We can provide this if they have lost it. Under OIA s16(2) you can usually insist on this.
  • Let us know in a comment that you received your response bypassing

1682 requests

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I received a call from Constable Neil Pimenta on 9/6/20 at 17.28 hours today and when I could not take the call he messaged (17.29hours) to say I sho...
Reason for Police Helicopter presence at night
Request sent to New Zealand Police by Matt Shepherd on .
Long overdue.
I would like to request information as to why the police helicopter flies around in the early hours of the morning, most nights, it seems since the...
Search warrants
Response by New Zealand Police to David Morris-Bamber on .
Long overdue.
Kia ora   Please find attached the response to your correspondence of  20 February 2020.      Police's response to Covid-19 has had a severe im...
Type information held at the police
Response by New Zealand Police to Zane Collins on .
Long overdue.
Kia ora Zane   Please find attached the response to your correspondence of  11 March 2020.   Police's response to Covid-19 has had a severe im...
Use of Facial Recognition Technology
Request to New Zealand Police by Kendra Cox. Annotated by Kendra Cox on .
Long overdue.
This request had a mistaken name for the software company involved in the Police use of facial recognition technology. A new request with the correc...
Information regarding malicious prosecution
Response by New Zealand Police to Nathan Sanders on .
Long overdue.
Hi there Have you had time to consider the email below? Hoping to get a response from you ASAP as there is a potential I will need to request an exte...
Requesting copy of report: 191224/0970
Request sent to New Zealand Police by Johan van Rooyen on .
Long overdue.
Please send a copy of my report, reference number: 191224/0970 to my email address: [email address] Regards Johan van Rooyen
Dear Mr Watkins   I  acknowledge receipt of your 3 Official Information Act (OIA) requests below.   Your  requests is being actioned pursuant to t...
Dear Paul   Police has received your request for information as follows: “I have chosen Assistant Commissioner Response and Operations Mike Rusbat...
Request for officers first & surname
Response by New Zealand Police to Arko on .
Handled by post.
11 January 2019 Arko BRABANT C/-  [FOI #9370 email] Dear Arko As per our phone conversation this morning, where I provided you those details, plea...
Good afternoon Mr O’Brien   Thank you for your request for transcripts of 111 calls made in August 2018.   As you are requesting personal info...
Temporaraly missing firearm in police arms store
Response by New Zealand Police to Malcolm Lock on .
Long overdue.
Dear Malcolm     Request for information   Thank you for your email request below for i nformation on an inventory of firearms.  You requested:...
We request the following information for the purpose of participating in the Royal Commission inquiry into the attack on Christchurch Mosques....
Minister of Police on 14th may 2016
Response by New Zealand Police to Ross Stewart on .
Long overdue.
'Do not reply to this message, this email message has been sent from an un-monitored email address'   Thank you for your email, it has been forwarde...
Information regarding the community roadwatch form
Follow up sent to New Zealand Police by Hugh Davenport on .
Long overdue.
Can I please get an update on this. Yours faithfully, Hugh Davenport
Requesting official policy on red light runners
Follow up sent to New Zealand Police by Hugh Davenport on .
Long overdue.
Can I please get a response to this. I note it is overdue, and the Police have failed to even acknowledge receiving this request. Yours faithfully...
Information about red light running policies
Follow up sent to New Zealand Police by Hugh Davenport on .
Long overdue.
Can I please have an update on this. I note this is grossly overdue and I hope that the Police take their legal responsibilities of the OIA seriousl...
Please advise the status of this request. It is well past the statutory time-frame. Yours sincerely, Scott Dunning
Good afternoon Your request has been received and assigned. Ngā mihi Renée
Overdue requests
Request sent to New Zealand Police by Hugh Davenport on .
Long overdue.
I'm just letting you know that you have several overdue requests for myself that you are not responding to when I ask for the status. Please reply t...
Fleeing drivers in the Southland district
Follow up sent to New Zealand Police by Blair Jackson on .
Long overdue.
Please respond to this overdue OIA request. Yours faithfully, Blair Jackson
Thanks for that. I remind you of my additional request made on the 30th. Not due left, but just wanting to make sure it doesn't get lost. In addit...
Firearms incidence
Response by New Zealand Police to Emmy Rākete on .
Long overdue.
Dear Emilie, REQUEST FOR INFORMATION Thanks for your Official Information Act (1982) request dated 28 February 2019 in which you requested the fol...
Requesting case files
Response by New Zealand Police to Hugh Davenport on .
Long overdue.
Hello   I have been asked to send the attached response.   Ngā mihi   Ministerial Services Police National Headquarters   [1]wordmark...
Dear Hugh My apologies. Please find attached the attachment mentioned. Ngā mihi Hannah Wright-McCarthy Ministerial Services Advisor Police National...

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