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New Zealand Police includes OFCANZ, the Organised and Financial Crimes Agency.

Important notes before making a request to Police

  • You do not have to fill out another form. If Police respond with a link to another form to fill in, do not fill in that form. Politely remind them that by law they must accept requests in any form. If necessary, point them to the Ombudsman guidance which specifically confirms that requests sent through must be accepted.
  • Do not ask for information about yourself. These are against our policies. Instead, use the Request for Personal Information online form on the Police website. If you ignore this instruction, your request here may be hidden.
  • Police often ask for proof of eligibility to make an OIA request.
    • Please state that you reside in New Zealand, if that is true. It is our hope that in time making this statement will be considered sufficient.
    • Please do not send your contact information using as it will automatically be published. If you already have, contact us and we will hide it for you. You may have to contact the Police by email or phone to confirm your eligibility.

Contacted directly by Police about your request?

Note that we do not share your contact details with Police. If you are contacted outside, please:

  • Discuss your request with them if you feel comfortable doing so. If not, you may ask for correspondence to be through
  • Note in an annotation that you were contacted. Summarise the discussion if possible.
  • Regardless, insist that the formal OIA response be sent to you through, to the email address from which the original request was sent (see below).

Response received directly?

If you have received your response outside the system (such as by direct email or post), the response will not be published - which may be intentional. You may:

  • Reply to them asking that they re-send the response to the email address of the original request. We can provide this if they have lost it. Under OIA s16(2) you can usually insist on this.
  • Let us know in a comment that you received your response bypassing

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Undercover Procedures Manual
Response by New Zealand Police to Dimitrios Theodoridis on .
  =============================================================== WARNING The information contained in this email message is intended for the ad...
Dear Woody Thank you for your email, which we have forwarded to the correct department for follow-up. Sincerely Public Affairs Team -----woody...
How many hunters have been killed
Response by New Zealand Police to Thierry Thomas on .
Information not held.
Hi Thierry,   Thank you for your request received under the Official Information Act 1982 on 19 September 2012 regarding information on the  numbe...
Organized Crime Groups Operatingin NZ
Response by New Zealand Police to Joshua Grainger on .
      =============================================================== WARNING The information contained in this email message is intended for...
Employees in Ministers' Offices
Response by New Zealand Police to Jenny Graves on .
Dear Jenny Graves   I refer to you request dated Sunday 5 August asking for information about police positions in Minister's offices.   Sectio...
Interception Warrant Annual Reports
Response by New Zealand Police to D & L on .
Information not held.
  =============================================================== WARNING The information contained in this email message is intended for the ad...
Dear Mr Rogers,   Thank you for your Official Information Act request in relation to Policing Activity at Palmerston North Rural Area beaches duri...

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