Independent Police Conduct Authority

A public authority, also called IPCA

The IPCA is not subject to the OIA. However, it is included here to assist in making requests of it. Be sure to acknowledge that this is not an OIA request in the body of your request.

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Good afternoon Mr Chapple-Law,   The IPCA cannot provide you with that information You will need to make an OIA request through Police. Here is th...
NZ Police Wellington Protest Complaints
Request sent to Independent Police Conduct Authority by Liz Simons on .
Long overdue.
I request under the Official Information the number of complaints made about the NZ Police due their lack of law enforcement on the anti-mandate pro...
Car impounded need Infomation
Request sent to Independent Police Conduct Authority by Tama bailey on .
Long overdue.
my vehicle ARU493 is currently at the jamiesons towage yard for no apparent reason, i have tried to find out why from both toweys and police but to...
Policeman vanishes, information saught
Follow up sent to Independent Police Conduct Authority by Tama bailey on .
Awaiting classification.
Thank you for your prompt reply it gives me warmth to know that my voice is being heard and my questions answered. Yours sincerely, Tama bailey
I acknowledge that the IPCA is not subject to OIA. However, please can you answer my questions: In relation to Section 15 of the Independent Polic...
Complaints about police violence
Request sent to Independent Police Conduct Authority by Will Inglis on .
Long overdue.
I realise this isn't an OIA request, as the IPCA isn't covered by the OIA, but I was wondering if you could help me. I'm trying to see the number...
It has come to my attention that you are deliberately delaying responding to my questions and by law you should have responded by now. I will giv...
Good afternoon You appear not to understand that Police and IPCA are two separate, independent organisations. I have no right to provide you with anyt...
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