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Business MOU – Suqian
Response by Invercargill City Council to john luke on .
Good morning John As requested, please find attached a copy of the sister city agreement signed between Invercargill and Suqian. Kind regards Michel...
Thanks for your email and appreciate your interest and input. I would agree that a busy intersection does place higher requirements of drivers. Your co...
Reports and decision for Stead St closure
Follow up sent to Invercargill City Council by J Buckingham on .
Partially successful.
Thank you for this information. Just to confirm the second part of my question as none of the documents pertain to this, can you confirm no engageme...
Good morning Lynn Please find below the answers to your query. 1.Does the organisation carry out drugs and alcohol testing (among employees or other...
Tçnâ koe Aaron,   Regarding your request for information - How is the Council using its rights under the Public Health Act to inspect rental housi...
Remuneration structure
Response by Invercargill City Council to James Wilder on .
Good morning James Thank you for your email. Please find attached a spreadsheet with the information requested. Please note for question 3, if there i...
Museum Closure Timeline
Response by Invercargill City Council to Richard on .
Good afternoon Richard Further to your enquiry, I am able to provide the information you have requested as it related to the Invercargill City Council...
Please find attached the strategy. Russell Pearson Manager - Roading Invercargill City Council [email address] P: 032111777 D: 032111645 M: 02743574...
Gordon thank you for your request under the Official Information Act for a copy of the report on Surrey Park Grandstand.  A copy of the report is att...
MOU between rescue organisation and pound
Response by Invercargill City Council to dan stewart on .
Awaiting classification.
To Mr Stewart Please find attached letter and draft Memorandum of Understanding from Pamela Gare. Thank you Kind Regards Julie Thompson
Health & Safety Plann for SMAG
Response by Invercargill City Council to Douglas Black on .
Dear Mr Black, I refer to your request for information, sent on Tuesday, August 7: “I would like to make an official request for a full copy of the...
Library wage levels
Response by Invercargill City Council to R Leveson on .
Good afternoon In response to your questions below: 1. As at 5 July 2018, there are 47 employees. 2. As at 1 July 2018 there are 5 being paid at les...
Use of dowsing
Response by Invercargill City Council to B. White on .
B. White,   Thank you for your request regarding the use of dowsing by the Invercargill City Council.   I have investigated the use of dowsing...
Good Afternoon Matthew The annual reports of EIL are displayed on Powernet's website, url link to the header page is below.
Hello Kylie   An Initial Evaluation Procedure (IEP) report has not been carried out for the Bluff Service Centre.  I opted to get a DEE report bec...
Holdco subsidiary annual reports 2012/2013
Follow up sent to Invercargill City Council by Kylie Fowler on .
Greatly appreciated:-) Yours sincerely, Kylie Fowler
Dear Kylie Fowler   Thank for your enquiry received on the 25th October 2013.   Attached is the information you have requested.   Kind regards Re...
Holdco Annual Reports
Follow up sent to Invercargill City Council by Kylie Fowler on .
Thank you very much!! Yours sincerely, Kylie Fowler
Response by Invercargill City Council to Sam Fraser on .
Good Afternoon Sam, Following your request of 25 May 2012, please find attached a list of all Positions and Job Titles for staff currently employed...
Invercargill City Council prayer?
Response by Invercargill City Council to Alex Harris on .
Dear Alex Thank you for your inquiry. The Invercargill City Council opens its Council Meetings with the Council prayer.  This is only done at meet...

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