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Trade Waste Consent Breaches 2020 Calendar
Follow up sent to Hutt City Council by Matthew Young on .
Thank you very much Euan for the thorough response. Cheers, Matt Young
Commuter cycleway planning and strategy
Response by Hutt City Council to Michael Brown on .
Hi Michael, Thank you for the feedback, I have passed it on to the relevant officers. Have a great weekend. Regards, Euan Kyle Senior Advisor, Offi...
08/10/2020           Aaron Packard [1][FOI #13759 email] Renters United Organiser 027 3519994               Dear Aaron Packa...
Cost, number and progress on Advance Stop Boxes in HCC
Response by Hutt City Council to Rod Badcock on .
Partially successful.
Dear Mr Badcock, It is intended that the cycle boxes at both Cornwall / Kings and Cornwall / Waterloo will be painted within the next 2 months. We ar...
Storm Water Discharage
Response by Hutt City Council to Dorothy Smith on .
Hello Dorothy   Thank you for your email dated 11 July 2018, regarding Official Information request – Storm Water Discharge   The stormwater d...
Types 3-7 recyclable material
Response by Hutt City Council to Solomon Klinger on .
Dear Solomon   Please find attached the response to your information request.   Kind regards   Jörn Scherzer (pronounce as “Yearn Share-tz...
Hi Chris,   Thanks for your email.    It would be great to get a bit more detail about what you want specifically. You can use this link [1]...
Thanks for that information, it looks very well presented what the council have done so far, and how they plan to continue :) Yours sincerely, H...
  You have received 4 secure files from [email address]. Use the secure links below to download.           Secure File Downloads: Available un...
2019-20 Support for Naenae
Response by Hutt City Council to Chris Norton on .
Hello Chris.  In response to your request I can confirm the following:   Proposed and/or Actual Expenditure to date – Activation   $50,000 comm...
Hi Josh,   I have received your request for information relating to the Cross Valley Link and would like to discuss exactly what information you a...
Hutt City residential recycling
Response by Hutt City Council to Stephen Hill-Ranger on .
Dear Stephen   Thank you for your email.   I assume your request has arisen in relation to this article, which appeared on Stuff last week: [...
Please find attached Part 7 of the attachments relating to your Official Information Request - Information pertaining to imposing weekend parking charg...
Library wage levels
Response by Hutt City Council to R Leveson on .
Dear R Leveson Please find Council's response to your request. Regards Lyn Herriot Executive Assistant - Corporate Services Hutt City Council, 30...
Legal advice costs
Response by Hutt City Council to Joe on .
Hi Joe I refer to your information request below. You have linked a newspaper article from 1 August 2017 and I assume you are seeking information on...
Huttlight cellphone monitoring
Response by Hutt City Council to Andrew Crow on .
Partially successful.
Dear Andrew; Attached is the response of your recent Official Information Request. Kind regards; Cyndi Christensen     Cyndi Christensen C...
Earthquake report on queensgate mall
Response by Hutt City Council to Andrew Crow on .
Attachment from the authority's file service by admin. II II 4550:4’5’5 SOLD fORm"", OtAACOAI. IICIIfiI lli IfR5l ACCEIff COlOLRl ,S’5:t...
Crime Free Schools Project
Response by Hutt City Council to Alice Collard on .
Partially successful.
Hello [Name redacted by admin].   Please find attached a response to your enquiry dated 8 August 2016.   Regards   Mary Hewett   Mary H...
Hi Alex Please find HCC’s response to your recent request for information relating to video/audio devices for dog control. Attached also are our W...
------< HP TRIM Record Information >------ Record Number : DOC/15/40592 Title : Acknowledgment Letter - OIR - Brief scope and cost of GHD cycleway des...
Cost of survey into proposed council amalgmation.
Response by Hutt City Council to Nina Burton on .
Please contact me if you have any further questions. Joyanne Stevens Corporate Planner Hutt City Council, 531 High Street, Private Bag 31912, Lower Hu...
Copy Karen into all emails to Linda Sissons!!   From: Karen Forsyth [mailto:[email address]] Sent: Wednesday, 4 June 2014 9:06 a.m. To: Judy Rand...
Legal advice on parking tickets
Response by Hutt City Council to Alex Harris on .
Hi Alex,   I refer to my email of earlier today in response to your OIR request.   Please see below.   Regards,   From: Bradley Cato S...
Response by Hutt City Council to Sam Fraser on .
Good morning Samuel   We refer to your email request dated 25 May 2012 requesting the following information:   ·         A list of all positio...
Costs of Wainuiomata Hill Road maintenance
Response by Hutt City Council to Tim Doyle on .
Hi Tim, Please find attached an OIR request for information regarding costs allocated to the Wainuiomata Hill Road maintenance from 2008 to the present...

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