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Also known as Environment Canterbury.

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Dear Isla,   Local Government Official Information and Meeting Act 1987 Request   I refer to your Local Government Official Information and Mee...
Water consumption figures:
Response by Canterbury Regional Council to Bernadette Facer on .
Awaiting classification.
Kia ora Bernadette I have spoken with the analysts who provided the data for your request and they have provided the response below to your questions....
Good morning, Please send it to our main office as listed below. 200 Tuam Street Christchurch Central Christchurch ATTN: Sorcha Crooker. Kind regard...
Dear Gavin   REQUEST FOR INFORMATION   Your request for information was received on 13 May 2015.  Under the Local Government Official Informati...
Under the Official Information Act I would like you to supply me with the groundwater nitrate concentrations at all wells that have been assessed by...
Accidents at new Bus Interchange
Request to Canterbury Regional Council by Blake Bedford-Palmer. Annotated by Cody C on .
Long overdue.
Might be time for a follow-up email?

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