Sam Fraser made this Official Information request to Hamilton City Council

The request was refused by Hamilton City Council.

From: Sam Fraser


Under the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act I request the following information:

A list of all positions (job titles) directly employed by the Council, and the number of staff in each of those roles.
Any briefings, reports, advice, transcripts, notes, correspondence, aide memoires or any other documents regarding any proposal to amalgamate the Council with neighbouring Councils.

I note that according to the LGOIMA response calculator on the website of the Office of the Ombudsmen, I should receive a response to this request on or before 25 June 2012.

I would appreciate acknowledgement of this request.

Samuel Fraser

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From: Charlene Harris
Hamilton City Council

Afternoon Samuel –


Thank you for your request under the Local Government Official Information
& Meetings Act 1987.


We have fully investigated your request and advise that to extract these
details from our database will involve approximately 20 hours of staff


The Ministry of Justice charging guideline recommends $38.00 for the first
half hour and then $38.00 for each additional half hour.  Photocopying
charges will be 20 cents per page.


Please indicate in writing if you wish to proceed with your request,
noting the charges.  Similarly if you wish to withdraw your request,
please advise in writing.




On behalf of Anthony Dick

Privacy Officer


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Things to do with this request

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