Requests for details on file still not sent in complete form from inspection over 1 year ago ..

Lindsay Strathdee made this Official Information request to Earthquake Commission

The request was successful.

From: Lindsay Strathdee

Dear Earthquake Commission,
Please provide full discovery copy of my file covering all three events claimed for .(CLM/2011/248567) and other two associated claim numbers

Yours faithfully,
Lindsay Strathdee.
38 Blue Gum Place

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From: EQC Info Mailbox
Earthquake Commission

Dear Lindsay


Thank you for your email, and for taking the time to speak with me today.


CLM/2010/158519, CLM/2011/074726 & CLM/2011/248567 – 38 Blue Gum Place

I am pleased to advise that this morning a settlement recommendation was
made on the claims for your property at 38 Blue Gum Place.  The
apportionment is as follows:


CLM/2010/158519 (04/09/10):



CLM/2011/074726 (22/02/11):



CLM/2011/248567 (09/10/11):



This recommendation has been passed through to our post-settlement
processing department for payment, and means that your claims will be
passed to your insurer who will manage the repairs thereafter.  Although I
cannot provide you with a specific timeframe for the payment of the
claims, once it gets to this stage the rest of the process is
comparatively quick. 


I am glad that I was able to assist in getting your claims pushed forward
for settlement, and I hope that your repairs go smoothly from here on. 
Please feel free to contact me again if you require more information.


For more information

For further information, please visit [1]  or phone 0800
DAMAGE (0800 326 243) between 7am-9pm Monday-Friday and 8am-6pm on
Saturday.  Please ensure you include your claim number when making


Yours sincerely


Harry Greenfield | Customer Service Consultant – Customer Contact Centre
 | Earthquake Commission (EQC)

[2][EQC request email]





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