Reasons for relaxing controls on Import of Kiwifruit Pollen

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From: Joanne I Clark

Dear Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry,

can I please have a copy of all emails, memos, phone logs or other documents (including records of conversations) relating to requests for a relaxation of the controls for the importation of kiwifruit pollen.
In plain words, who requested the relaxation of import contools for kiwifruit pollen, or why were the regulations changed?
Also what considerations were taken into account when making that decision.

Yours faithfully,

Joanne I Clark

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From: Shane Olsen
Ministry for Primary Industries

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Hello Joanne,


Thank you for your Official Information Act request from the 10^th of


I would like some clarification on the information you are requesting in
regards to kiwifruit pollen. Much of the information in regards to who
requested the import controls for pollen is contained within the
publically available Independent Review Report, and in particular pages 21
to 35 of this report:


Are you able to explain what you are referring to in terms of the
relaxation of import controls for kiwifruit pollen so we can provide you
with the additional information you are after?


Please feel free to contact me directly to help provide further


Kind regards,


Shane Olsen 
Senior Adviser, Plant and Plant Product Imports | PhD
Plant, Food & Environment Directorate | Ministry for Primary Industries
25 The Terrace | PO Box 2526 | Wellington | New Zealand
Telephone: 64 4 894 0460 | Facsimile: 64 4 894 0662
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From: Joanne I Clark

Dear Shane Olsen,

OK I have not read the whole PSA review pdf (131 pages) which they sent me, but on scanning the headings it looks like they accept pollen controls were inadequate at the time. No-one disputes that. I was told however that previously pollen controls were extremely strict and that those controls had then been relaxed at the behest/by lobbying from the Kiwifruit growers. So what I was looking for was why MAF weakened previously strict controls and at whose request.

Yours sincerely,

Joanne I Clark

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From: Ministry for Primary Industries Ministerials Group

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Dear Joanne

Please find attached a response to your request.

Regards, Ministerials Group Ministry for Primary Industries

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