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From: Joshua Grainger

Dear Crown Law Office,

I would like to request under the Official Information Act some various information relating to delegation of authority to Deputy Solicitor-Generals under s9C of the Constitution Act. I would like to request:

a) a list of all powers that have been delegated by the Solicitor-General to Deputy Solicitor-Generals under s9C(1) or s9C(2) of the Constitution Act

b) for each power delegated, whether the delegation is general (to all Deputy Solicitor-Generals) or whether the delegation is specific (to a specific Deputy Solicitor-General), and if it is specific, which particular Deputy Solicitor-General has the power been delegated to

c) for each power delegated, whether any conditions have been put on these delegations under s9C(4)

d) if a delegation has ever been revoked under s9C(3), and if so, the last time this occurred. If this has happened I would also request a short explanation of the reasons this occurred: I'll leave the scope here up to the discretion of the person who processes this request rather than trying to request any specific documents, although if any explanatory documents can be provided that would be helpful.

Although it isn't required by the Official Information Act, I understand that giving reasons for a request can sometimes be helpful. The reason for my request is that I am a law student, rather interested in public law, and so I am curious about how our constitutional mechanisms act here. Which powers are seen as so important as to be reserved to only the Solicitor-General, and which are seen as sufficiently orthodox to be able to be delegated to a deputy?

Feel free to contact me if you wish me to clarify my request.

Yours faithfully,

Joshua Grainger

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From: Michelle Brown
Crown Law Office

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Dear Mr Grainger

Please see attached letter from Peter Gunn in respect of the above matter.


Michelle Brown
Legal Secretary
Crown Law Te Tari Ture o te Karauna
DDI: +64 4 494 5516
F: +64 4 473 3482

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