Memory and Peter Ellis

Ross Francis made this Official Information request to Crown Law Office

The request was refused by Crown Law Office.

From: Ross Francis

Dear Crown Law Office,

I ask for the following information to assist me in my research of the Peter Ellis case.

According to records held by Crown Law, including information held in the minds of officials, did the Solicitor General, Una Jagose, inform the Supreme Court on 14 November 2019 that memory research “wasn’t science”? Did she subsequently qualify her statement – following expressions of surprise from the bench – to say that memory research didn’t provide the same certainty as DNA? Please provide me with a copy of her comments.

In 2018, at about how many trials involving alleged sexual offending against children was DNA evidence presented to the court?

Please supply me with the details (including titles and authors’ names) of research papers regarding child suggestibility or memory that are held by Crown Law. Please supply details of research papers regarding child suggestibility or memory which have been accessed by Crown Law since Peter Ellis’ legal counsel indicated his intention to appeal earlier this year.

Yours faithfully,

Ross Francis

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From: Samantha Perkovic
Crown Law Office

Thank you for your email I am currently away from the office today.


If you require any urgent assistance please contact Alison Perez on 
[email address] or 027 241 6415, otherwise I will respond to
your email once I am back in the office. 









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From: Charlotte Brook
Crown Law Office

Attachment 5523310 Letter to Ross Francis re OIA Request Ellis December 2019.PDF.pdf
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Tçnâ koe Mr Francis


Please find attached a response to your request for information dated 14
November 2019 (below).


Ngâ mihi,


Charlotte Brook  ([1]she/her)

Crown Counsel & Team Manager, Criminal Team

Te Tari Ture o te Karauna – Crown Law 

DDI: +64 4 494 5609

Mob: +64 27 702 4882

Fax:  +64 4 473 3482




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