Request for confirmation of previous employment/contracted work preformed by Ms Joy Liddicoat.

David Lawson made this Official Information request to Waitemata District Health Board

The request was successful.

From: David Lawson

Dear Waitemata District Health Board,

I am writing to respectfully request pursuant to the Official Information Act 1982, the provision of the following information returned to my private email address: [email address].

Official Information Request 1;

Please provide me with a written statement confirming whether Ms Joy Liddicoat, in the role of a Lawyer has provided legal services to the Waitemata District Health Board, in any capacity within the past 20 years,, or alternatively been employed by the WDHB in any capacity, be it an employee, a contractor, or board member etc..within the past 20 years.

Official Information Request 2.

Please provide me with a written statement confirming if Ms Joy Liddicoat, has provided Legal Services, or worked for the WDHB, in any form of employment, be it employee or contractor, or legal counsel, as to the date* that Ms Joy Liddicoat first engaged in such paid work through to the date* (*nearest month and years).

Official Information Request 3.

If the answer to my Official Information Request 1 above is yes, please provide me with a written statement providing confirmation of the roles within the WDHB that Ms Joy Liddicoat held if employed with the DHB, or the roles that Ms Joy Liddicoat was contracted to preform (legal representation, in the event that renumeration was provided by the WDHB for contracted services.

I thank you for your time and assistance.

Kind regards,
David Lawson

Yours faithfully,

David Lawson

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From: Anna Monastra (WDHB)
Waitemata District Health Board

Dear David

Thank you for your Official Information Act request, received today.

We will provide a formal response to your request (by email to your requested email address) within the 20 working days allowed under the Act.

If for any reason we are unable to meet this deadline and need to extend the timeframe for your response, we will be in touch to advise why this has been necessary and to indicate when your response will be ready.

Kind regards

Anna Monastra I Senior Administration Assistant
Communications I Waitemata DHB
Level 2, 15 Shea Terrace, Private Bag 93-503, North Shore 0740

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