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From: Hugh Davenport

Dear New Zealand Police,

For the purposes of s12(1) of the Official Information Act, I reside in Wellington, New Zealand.

I would like to make a request about NZ Police's policies about red light running. I've had a read through both the Land Transport Act, and the Land Transport Road User Rule, but can't find the information I'm looking for.

It is a bit unclear what defines an incident when a red light is said to be "run" in colloquial terminology. Is there a definition that Police use to define this when enforcing traffic signals?

One would think that a red light is "run" if the vehicle has not safely exited the corresponding controlled intersection before the light signal turns red. However, I have also heard that it could be legal to enter an intersection as long as the light signal is not red, even if it turns red just after the vehicle has entered (but not exited). There could also be a definition that as long as the front of the vehicle is inside the intersection before the traffic signal turns red it is legal. These "definitions" are quite different, where a vehicle may still have to go through the entire intersection when the light is red. For this reason I would like clarity on what the Police's official policy on this is (i.e. what they use to enforce traffic signal infringements).

If this is not the correct agency for this request, please let me know who might be best to approach.

Yours faithfully,

Hugh Davenport

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From: FOUNTAIN, Nicholas
New Zealand Police

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Hello Hugh

I acknowledge receipt of your Official Information Act 1982 (OIA) request.
Your request is being actioned pursuant to the OIA.

Ngā mihi


Nick Fountain

Ministerial Services Advisor

Police National Headquarters


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