Commissioners Breach of State Sector Act 1988 and associated consequences

Gregory Soar made this Official Information request to Public Service Commission

Response to this request is long overdue. By law Public Service Commission should have responded by now (details and exceptions). You can complain to the Ombudsman.

From: Gregory Soar

Dear State Services Commissioner,

You are aware that Brendon Boyle CEO MSD has used criminal acts in his leadership of the MSD. You are aware of the serious health issues it has caused for me personally as it has been well represented to you.

There is no doubt that criminal acts were being committed by MSD and that you permitted those acts to continue while an appeal was held. The criminal acts mentioned are proven in the following way. Collins J in THE CHIEF EXECUTIVE OF THE MINISTRY OF SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT v L [2018] NZHC 2528 [26 September 2018] says, “there is no legislative or common law authority for Committees to have used fictitious names and signatures when determining Ms L’s applications.” This Commissioner leaves the Crimes Act 1961 declaring criminal acts in the signing of false names on documents.

Further it is your job as tasked by the State Sector Act 1988 s4A(d)working with State services leaders to ensure that the State services maintain high standards of integrity and conduct and are led well and are trusted;

1. Bearing this in mind I ask what legal authority you used to permit the continuance of serious category four criminal actions by the MSD.
2. Why did you prefer to allow Boyle to retain his position even though such an action seriously breaches your duties as defined by SSA 1988 s4A(d)?
3. How did your actions in this matter fulfill the legislative requirements of SSA1988s4A(d)?

I have asked Minister Sepuloni to investigate your handling of this debacle and that is all it can be described as.

I look forward to receiving the information sought thank you.

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