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From: Nathan Weaver

Dear Statistics New Zealand,

What is the total number of requests for information under terms of FOIA received by all government agencies of New Zealand in 2012 calendar year?

I need an overall number of requests in simple form (like '109111' or '5584012' etc), without detailed information on every agency, RECEIVED (not processed) during last calendar year.

Yours faithfully,

Nathan Weaver

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Statistics New Zealand

Hi Nathan ,

In reply to your enquiry regarding number of requests for all Government
Departments I suggest you try the following :

State Services Commission :


Thank you for contacting Statistics New Zealand.  If you have any further
 enquiries please contact us on 0508 525 525.

Kind regards,

Joanne Alexander
Client Information Advisor
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freephone Number: 0508 525 525
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email: [Statistics New Zealand request email]

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