Forestry Nomination - Hawkes Bay LAC

Alan Thompson made this Official Information request to Fire and Emergency New Zealand

The request was partially successful.

From: Alan Thompson

June 10 2018

Fire and Emergency New Zealand Limited

Dear FENZ,


In my OIA request dated 9 May I requested information regarding the rejection of a nomination of a forestry sector representative in the trail Local Advisory Committee trial conducted in the Hawkes Bay earlier this year.

As a forestry investor in the Hawkes Bay I was very surprised to learn that such an important industry sector in the Hawkes Bay was not represented on this trial committee. After making further enquiries within the sector I was advised that a nomination was submitted but not accepted.

It appears to me that your reply to my 9 May request uses the generalised wording of my request to avoid providing the information I requested. I am quite sure it would have been perfectly clear to those preparing the response for you as to the information I was seeking. It is a great pity that we have to play these sorts of games requiring me to request the information that you hold regarding this matter a second time. I trust the following detail will enable you to promptly action this request without further delay.

I have been advised that:

1. FENZ made initial contact with Keith Dolman (CEO of HB Forest Group) with regard to the Hawkes Bay LAC trial.
2. Mr Dolman consulted with his sector and Mr Ed Saathof agreed to be nominated to represent the all important forestry sector.
3. Mr Saathof’s name was put forward.
4. Advice was subsequently received that Mr Saathof's nomination was declined.

I note that this nomination appears to be referenced in the “Chronology for the Trial Local Advisory Committee (LAC) Land users cluster group” as you have already supplied to me. In this chronology it is stated that a nomination was received on the 18th of November after follow up action by the PRFO on the 17th Nov. I note that nominations closed on 10th Nov – ref the cluster meeting presentation notes.

The cluster meeting presentation notes further stated that to apply to be appointed to the trial interested parties should:
• Complete the expression of interest form.
• Return it to us using the email address show (sic) on the form, by 10 November 2017.
• After a selection process the Board is looking to appoint the members of the trial committee by the end of 2017.
• We will contact you before the end of the year to let you know the outcome.

OIA Act Information Request

Under the provisions of the OIA Act I request the following information relating to the above matter. In providing this information I refer you to the “Guide to selection and appointment of Local Advisory Committee members” that was to be to be tested in LAC Hawke’s Bay pilot and which set out the process to be followed. This guide set out the process for the calling for nominations/expressions of interest and the form of the document for each stage.

a. A copy of the nomination or expression of interest of Mr Saathof to the trial LAC as specified in bullet 1 above;

b. A copy of the evaluation of Mr Saathof’s nomination or expression of interest and the analysis that determined it would be rejected, Ie the “selection process” as referred to in bullet 3 above.

a. A copy of the notice (in whatever form) that was sent to either Mr Dolman or Mr Saathof advising that the nomination or expression of interest was rejected/not accepted/etc. Ie the outcome of “expression of interest” as set out in bullet 4 above.

Thank you.

Alan Thompson
Lower Hutt

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From: Web Communications
Fire and Emergency New Zealand

Thank you for your email.

This is to confirm that your request has been received and has been passed
on to the relevant team.


They will respond to you in the next two business working days.


Kind regards,

New Zealand Fire Service.

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From: Web Communications
Fire and Emergency New Zealand


If you are facing an emergency, please call 111.

 Thanks for contacting Fire and Emergency National Headquarters

This email address is monitored from 8 - 5pm on weekdays only


Kind Regards,

Fire and Emergency New Zealand

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From: Mihaka, Moana
Fire and Emergency New Zealand

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Kia ora


Please find attached a letter acknowledging receipt of your official
information request.


Nga mihi



Moana Mihaka

Ministerial Services Coordinator, Executive & Ministerial Services
Office of the Chief Executive


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