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From: john luke

Dear Fire and Emergency New Zealand,

I understand from your website that Fire and Emergency NZ will role out Local Advisory Committees initiative nationwide in 2019. I would like to understand do you have an approx.. timeline for the roll out and how is the interest applicant can apply, would you call for application in public site (job.govt.nz) and where would you call for nomination. Is there nomination form already available and who is the contact person for this initiative.

Yours faithfully,

john luke

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From: Web Communications
Fire and Emergency New Zealand

Thank you for your email.

This is to confirm that your request has been received and has been passed
on to the relevant team.


They will respond to you in the next two business working days.


Kind regards,

New Zealand Fire Service.

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From: Web Communications
Fire and Emergency New Zealand

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Good morning John


Thank you for your enquiry. Please find below the response from Rob


Kind regards


Mishaela Marsh

Business Services Assistant


National Headquarters, Level 12, 80 The Terrace

PO Box 2133, Wellington 6140

P: 04 474 4802 ext. 4802

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From: Morrison, Rob
Sent: Wednesday, 13 February 2019 8:12 AM
To: Web Communications <[FENZ request email]>
Cc: Corbett, Hayley <[email address]>; Lockyer, Gary
<[email address]>; Quayle, Emily
<[email address]>
Subject: Local advisory committee OIA response


Dear Mr Luke


Thank you for your email regarding the establishment of Local Advisory
Committees. A timeline for the roll out of LACs nationally has not yet
been confirmed.


Fire and Emergency NZ has been working to prepare for LACs being
established by 2021 as per its commitment in the [4]2017 – 2021 Statement
of Intent. 


Fire and Emergency can begin to establish LACs once LAC boundaries have
been set. In 2018 the Board released a public consultation document
inviting submissions on a proposal to establish the boundaries for LACs.
The discussion document proposed that LAC boundaries match existing Civil
Defence Emergency Management Group (CDEMG) boundaries. The Board is
considering feedback received through submissions prior to makingdecisions
about LAC boundaries.


You may be aware that Fire and Emergency ran a successful trial LAC in
Hawke’s Bay in 2018. The trial was helpful in enabling Fire and Emergency
to test and validate the critical elements of the proposed design for LACs
and ensure they provide a framework within which LACs can operate
efficiently and effectively, in order to achieve the intent of the Fire
and Emergency NZ Act. The LAC trial confirmed that LACs will require
careful set up and will take time to establish. Having the right
capability and support in place within Fire and Emergency to support LACs,
with dedicated resources at both a national and local level, will be
critical to their success. Given the significant amount of work and change
currently underway within Fire and Emergency to fully integrate the
organisation, consideration is being given to the most appropriate time to
confirm LAC boundaries and begin implementing LACs. The Board will
considerrecommendations on LAC boundaries and potential options for
implementation in 2019. This timing will allow the Board and Fire and
Emergency to consider the recommendations and potential options alongside
other work underway in the organisation, in particular the development and
implementation of the proposed new Operating Model, which will consider
the skills and capability required to support LACs, and the relationship
between proposed LAC boundaries and proposed operational boundaries. 


Once establishment of LACs commences, it is anticipated that
advertisements for Expressions of Interest will be via public notices and
the Fire and Emergency NZ website. Fire and Emergency NZ will also seek
nominations from national organisations that have wide reach and focus
across local communities, particularly health, social services and
emergency sectors.


Thank you again for your interest in this important initiative.


Yours sincerely


Gary Lockyer



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