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Jonathan Dyas made this Official Information request to Radio New Zealand Limited

The request was successful.

From: Jonathan Dyas

Dear Radio New Zealand Limited,

I am writing to request the fees paid to freelance contributors for the following programs:

- Upbeat (specifically the fee for a music review for this program, or fee range)
- Summer times (specificailly the fee paid for video game reviews for this program or fee range)

Yours faithfully,

Jonny Dyas

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From: Maggie Hedge

Good afternoon,

Your OIA request has been received by Radio New Zealand. Under the Broadcasting Act 1989, we have 20 working days in which to respond to you and I expect we will have our reply to you within that time. If for some reason, such as leave commitments or sickness, we are unable to respond to you within 20 working days, there is a further provision for an extension of time and if that is necessary and I will write to you again if it becomes necessary to extend the time taken.

Yours sincerely,

George Bignell | OIACoordinator
RADIO NEW ZEALAND | LEVEL 2 | 155 THE TERRACE PO BOX 123 | WELLINGTON | NEW ZEALAND 6140 | DDI +64 4 474 1424 | [mobile number]

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From: George Bignell

Dear Jonathan

In response to your request below we advise that music reviewers are usually paid between $60-$150 per review ,and for the Summertime type of programme, reviewers generally receive $50-$100 for each review.

We trust this is of assistance to you.

Kind regards

George Bignell| OIA Inquiries Coordinator
DDI +64 4 474 1424 | [mobile number]

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