Auckland Light Rail 66m 420 passenger 2 section trams that have been assesed

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From: dukeofurl

Dear Auckland Transport,

Im requesting information about the type of trams/LRV that have been assessed by AT to fill the requirement for 420 passengers, on a 66m vehicle and only 2 sections.
"More capacity. Each 2-carriage, 66-metre light rail vehicle carries up to 420 people, compared to 180 double decker bus passengers in 2 buses and only 10-12 car users in the same space."

As you would know the longest Melbourne Trams E class, are 33m or so long and seat 210. They are 3 section with 4 bogies.

Could you provide all the information on all the Tram /LRV vehicles that have been assessed as meeting ATs published requirements including '2 sections' or they meet the passenger capacity of 420 or so.

Could you please provide any replies by email
Yours faithfully,
Howard O'Brien
[email address]

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